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Mikayla's Miracles and Blessings Foundation Inc

Helping families make a difference

Supporting individuals with special needs

We're a foundation dedicated to improving the lives of individuals affected by disabilities. We want them to get the quality of life they deserve. If you'd like to learn more about what we do or wish to make a donation, give us a call at 406-261-8782. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Mikayla's story

Mikayla Wisher was diagnosed with Aicardi Syndrome at 2 ½ months. Her parents were told that she would not be able to walk or talk and she wasn't expected to live past the age of 1. Mikayla suffered reoccurring bouts of pneumonia 44 times by age 5. To this day, Mikayla fights to stay alive. This foundation was inspired by and dedicated to Mikayla Wisher. Like her, we want to help other families make sure their child or adult with special needs gets the quality of life they deserve. 

Improving lives

If you’re a parent or spouse supporting someone with special needs, we know you have more than enough on your plate. Let us help. We can help you locate and secure funds to improve your life and help your family member affected by a disability get the quality of life they deserve. 
"My mission is to put my wings on and bring the quality of life to those who need it and to those who deserve it."
-Sabrina Wisher

Foundation's roots

Sabrina Wisher, founder of the organization and mother to Mikayla, started the foundation 6 years ago when she decided to help other families get the medical equipment they need to support their loved ones affected by a disability. Wisher has since been recognized as Mother of the Year by American Mothers for her efforts and continues to fight for those who are differently abled get the quality of life they deserve.

You can read more about her story in the American Mother’s Blog or the Daily Inter Lake

Aicardi Syndrome

Aicardi Syndrome affects very few people worldwide. This rare disorder is thought by doctors and researchers to result from a defect on an X chromosome. In the early stages of Aicardi, tissue that connects the left and right sides of the brain becomes underdeveloped or even absent causing a cascade of biological consequences, many of which are severe and life threatening. 
Supporting individuals with special needs in Kalispellle, MT

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